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Cover Story – Michael “Pinball” Clemons – Sep/Oct2015

Cover Story - Michael "Pinball" Clemons - Sep/Oct2015

If you’ve lived in the general vicinity of Toronto anytime during the last two decades, there’s a good chance you know of Pinball Clemons. At 5’6” tall and 170 pounds, Michael Pinball Clemons, pro football world record holder in all-purpose yards, CFL Hall of Famer, four-time Grey Cup Champion, (three as a player and one as coach), and only one of four jerseys retired by the Toronto Argonauts, (Jersey #31), is undoubtedly one of the Argos most famous all-time players. Clemons is also one of Toronto’s most likeable and beloved athletes, which is saying a lot considering Toronto is one of North America’s most fan-crazed cities. When he entered the Rogers Centre as a flag bearer for the 2015 Pan Am Games Opening Ceremonies in Toronto this July, his star power, humbly worn, garnered colossal cheers from the sold-out crowd.

Product Showcase: Furnishings & Finishings – Sep/Oct2015

Product Showcase: Furnishings & Finishings - Sep/Oct2015

Your Escape to Tranquility: An elegant centrepiece to elevate the look of any modern or classic setting, the Refuge and Urbania Immerspa inground hot tubs are square and come with a spectacular waterfall feature. Fabulous design style and soothing sounds complete your luxury spa experience. IMMERSPA

Myrtle Beach – Sep/Oct2015

Myrtle Beach - Sep/Oct2015

Rebranding to appeal to empty-nesters, with a focus on nightclubs, fine dining, upscale hotels and adventure tourism. Myrtle Beach has been a family destination for decades, known for its white sandy beaches, amusement parks, neon lights, affordable accommodations, fabulous golf courses and mini-putt facilities. Catering to multi-generational family travel — with over 14 million visitors a year — is what it does best.

Breast Cancer AWARENESS – Sep/Oct 2015

Breast Cancer AWARENESS - Sep/Oct 2015

EVERYONE WHO READS this article, I am certain, has been touched by somebody – female or male – who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. In my case, my best friend Miriam received the diagnosis after thorough investigations. She accepted a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and reconstructive surgery. She is holistically very healthy, all the wiser, and feels completely safe with her decisions.