Concord Adex
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Concord Adex is setting a new standard in urban development, with master-planned communities of unprecedented value. Every aspect, from the innovative design and high-tech advantage to the solid concrete construction and exceptional customer service, reflects Concord’s commitment to excellence and to the quality of urban life in the future. Based on the success of Concord Pacific Place in Vancouver, a Gold Nugget award-winning waterfront community and one of the most highly acclaimed projects of this kind in the world, Concord Adex is creating yet another master-planned urban community in Toronto, at CityPlace. This visionary development has already been named “Community of the Year” by the Greater Toronto Home Builders Association for its outstanding combination of life enhancing features, including natural environments, master-planning, innovative architecture and ideal location between the waterfront and downtown. It was with great pride that Concord Adex accepted the coveted award, as it is usually given to a completed community and rarely to one that is in pre-construction.


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