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Body Contouring – Sep/Oct2016

Body Contouring - Sep/Oct2016

Non-surgical alternatives for targeting problem areas

Over the past 20 years, dermatologists have had an every-growing range of options available to them in order to help patients fight facial aging. In the last few years, newer tools have been introduced to address a whole host of age-related changes, including those linked to sun damage and lifestyle – for above, and below, the jaw line.


Thermage uses safe and effective radio waves to help tighten lax and wrinkled skin on the neck, chest and abdomen – often in a single session and with no downtime.

Non-surgical fat reduction is making headway when it comes to body contouring. There are many new alternatives for those who want to avoid the costs associated with more invasive procedures like liposuction, and the recovery time that goes along with it.

A high-frequency ultrasound device, like Liposonix, directs the right dose of fat-destroying energy at a targeted area. Again, often after only one session, a reduction of up to 2.5 cemtimetres can be achieved off the waist.

Coolsculpting uses a cryolipolysis device and freezes the fat away to help attain a smoother, more toned body appearance.

The first area that most people want to target is the spare tire. This persistent pooch of fat over the abdominal muscles is a constant struggle even for those who adhere to an ongoing exercise regime. But, widespread complaints don’t end there. Many people can relate to bra-strap fat at the sides of the chest, an upper back fat pad, saddlebags, suprapubic (just above the pubic hairline) fat, as well as excess fat of the knees. All of these can be safely, and effectively, treated. For those who have had success with tummy tucks and liposuction, Lipsonix and Coolsculpting can further refine their postoperative shape without the risks, costs or pain of additional surgeries.


No matter what your shape, many people find that the pad of fat under their neck can affect their overall appearance. A newly approved product called Belkyra was mentioned in the May/June issue of ACTIVE LIFE. This injectable product can melt that fat away in as few as two sessions, and patients have been thrilled with the results. Belkyra may also be useful on other targeted areas where re-contouring is desired. However, if the needles make you nervous, Coolsculpting can also help to tighten and re-contour a double chin.


We all have shortcomings that we’d like to hide. Coming soon to Canada is a camouflage makeup called CoverBlend. Body makeup can accentuate the positives while cleverly hiding the negatives. Correctly applied, body makeup can augment your newly re-contoured abs, pecs or calves – if you so desire.

Non-surgical body contouring is here to stay, and in the next few years more options will be introduced. A healthy diet and exercise are, of course, the foundation for achieving the shape that you want. But these new devices and procedures can help you to love the skin you’re in.

SAM HANNA, MD, practices aesthetic, medical, and investigational dermatology at Dermatology ON BLOOR in Toronto, along with his partner G. Daniel Schachter and their associates.

Dr. Hanna specializes in non-surgical rejuvenation.