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BODY & SOUL: Hair & Makeup – Nov/Dec2016

BODY & SOUL: Hair & Makeup - Nov/Dec2016


Look chic and savvy this holiday season

Some women just seem to age so naturally – and gracefully. We may look at Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren as shining examples; however, keep in mind, that they have a whole team of specialists. With a bit of practice, and a commitment to yourself, you can achieve great results.

Your Crowning Glory

Over the years, your hair has probably been the brunt of more changes than anything else on your body. If you have thinning hair, consider keeping it short, lifted, spiked and styled with Toppik hair filler to help minimize the contrast of your scalp with your hair colour. Or think about keeping it long enough so that you can put it up or pull it back. Extensions are wonderful fillers, and you only need to add a few for luscious looking locks.


Ageless Makeup Tips

People can generally tell what you’re thinking by looking at your face – it’s very expressive. From laugh lines to crinkly eyes, most of it shows a life well lived. But age spots, rosaceous, dark circles and sun-damaged skin are difficult to hide. First, and foremost, apply a 50-SPF sun block, remembering to cover your décolleté, forearms and hands as well. Wait two to five minutes before applying makeup.

Foundation: A light to medium coverage foundation is easy to even out. Liquids and creams melt quickly in hot weather. For longer wear and the best coverage, apply a mineral powder foundation (MAC or Bare Minerals) to problem areas with a powder brush or a sponge in a stipple motion. After approximately 10 minutes, you’ll notice a glow like you’ve applied an illuminator. Or if in a hurry, spritz with water.

Brows: Eyebrows seem to have a life of their own as we age. Reticent to remove the ones you don’t need, because the ones that you do need are no longer there? A waterproof brow pencil mixed with eye shadow, or an eyeliner sealant, can help to fill and shape brows. The sealant adheres to the skin and keeps them waterproof.

Eyeliner: Avoid liquid eyeliners. Instead, try using a soft black, dark brown or steel-grey eye shadow dropped along your lash line, and then smudged according to your eye shape. A gel liner or a waterproof eye pencil on the inside rim of your upper lid is one of my favourite techniques. It gives a graceful strength to the eye, without a harsh look.

Lashes: Faux lashes are a great time saver – and esteem builder. Check out my application video at

Experiment with your fashionista level. For more finishing tips, visit my postings on YouTube.


Sharon Danley is a Master Makeup & Hair Artist. She coaches women on a global level to embrace aging with acceptance and a re-designed approach to beauty.