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Canadian snowbirds need to plan ahead to avoid potential disasters

Canadian snowbirds need to plan ahead to avoid potential disasters

MARKETWIRED—October is when Canadian snowbirds are busy preparing for their migration to a warm weather destination for the winter. However, failing to be properly prepared can result in disasters at home, at the border and at their destination.

The good news is that things like burst pipes at home, being turned away at the border, missing bill payments, inadequate travel medical insurance and your pet not being admitted can all be avoided if snowbirds prepare ahead of time. But staying on top of everything that needs to be done can be a challenge. has created an online checklist for snowbirds, detailing everything they need to do before departing for the winter.

From preparing their home in Canada to having the right travel documents to setting up cross-border banking and more, has it covered.

“There’s a lot to think about when you’re leaving for four to six months each winter,” said Stephen Fine, president of “We provide snowbirds with a complete checklist detailing everything you need to think about including travel insurance, booking flights, preparing your home and vehicle and updating all of your documents.”

With the launch of this past May, snowbirds now have a one-stop online resource to find all the information they need in one convenient place, eliminating the need to spend countless hours searching for answers to their many questions. The website’s team of snowbird experts covers topics such as travel tips, legal issues, destinations, insurance, finances, taxes, accommodations, real estate and everything in between.

“With the boomer generation starting to retire, there will be a huge wave of new snowbirds looking for information over the next decade. Our site is designed to provide both new and experienced snowbirds with all the information they need to enjoy the snowbird lifestyle to its fullest,” Fine said.

Canadian snowbirds can also sign up for a free membership at to receive exclusive snowbird tips, news, alerts and offers. is a one-stop resource exclusively for Canadian snowbirds, focusing on tips, articles, news and information for today’s active, tech savvy snowbirds.

The website is operated by an experienced team of travel and snowbird experts, including Stephen Fine, founder of, Canada’s leading online resource for cross-border shoppers with over 100,000 monthly visitors and 60,000 subscribers.