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Have fun in the sun and protect your skin

Have fun in the sun and protect your skin

After months of dark dreary days, it’s finally time for some fun in the sun – and for many of us this could begin with a refresher on how to keep us all sun-safe. Preventing sunburn is a well-documented Banana Boat specialty, so take a look at the brand’s six simple steps for making sure this summer is the best one ever:

Prep time: Apply sunscreen at least 15 to 30 minutes before going outdoors. If you can do it an hour ahead of time, that is even better.

Cloud cover: Apply sunscreen even on cloudy days. UVB rays may be partially blocked, but UVA rays are not. Using a sunscreen will protect against UVA and UVB rays. Find one that’s also water resistant.

Reapplication: The sun’s rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so remember to reapply sun protection as needed during this timeframe.

Just an ounce: You don’t need anything more than the size of a golf ball to cover you from head to toe if you’re wearing a swimsuit. Remember, these are guidelines, so if you’re taller than average adjust accordingly.

Road-trip tip: Don’t forget the sunscreen when heading out on the highways and byways since UVA rays can penetrate glass. Commonly forgotten exposed areas include the arm that sits on the door ledge when driving, and the rays that warm your face through the sunroof.

Small spots: Show some love to the often-missed spots like ears, lips, and nose.


Banana Boat offers these great tips to keep your kids protected from the damaging rays:

Make sure to reapply sunscreen frequently, at least every two hours and more often if children are dipping in and out of the water. Use a sunscreen that is water resistant.

Remember that children imitate their parents. If they see you putting on sunscreen before you go outside, they are more likely to cooperate when it is their turn.

Apply sunscreen on your kids at least 15 to 30 minutes before they race outdoors, even on a cloudy day.

For those sandy days at the beach, try the new Banana Boat SunComfort Lotion, a sunscreen that helps the sand brush off easily. It has a unique lightweight formula helps your kids to the sand off themselves. Keep sunscreen with you at all times. For babies and kids, always use products designed specifically for their sensitive skin. The best lines are tear-free for quick and easy application.


You are not alone if you struggle to get sunscreen on your kids every summer. As parents we recognize the importance of sun protection, but sometimes the last thing our kids want to do is sit still long enough to get sunscreen applied to their face and body.

To help get your family enjoying the sunshine even quicker, guided by their sun care expertise, Banana Boat has got you covered with these five tips:

Start a timer and challenge your kids to keep still long enough for you to apply the sunscreen before the timer goes off. Then you can challenge them to do a scan to ensure you haven’t missed any spots.

Moisturize your kids’ skin after they take a bath. That way, when it comes time to apply sunscreen, they will already be used to the sensation.

Apply sunscreen at snack time, giving it time to soak in while your kids finish their tasty treats before heading out into the sun.

Make the clean-up from the beach a little less tear-filled. Banana Boat has a formula called SunComfort Sunscreen Lotion, which is specially formulated to help the sand brush off easily, leaving the beach where it belongs.

Apply your own sunscreen first. Children always want to imitate their parents so let them know that as soon as you’re done with yourself, they’re up next.

Additional sun safety Mom Hacks are available on the Banana Boat Canada Facebook page or you can visit