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Maximize Storage Space – Sep/Oct2016

Maximize Storage Space - Sep/Oct2016

Gliding Shelf Solutions provides the answers

Much has been said about downsizing, but nothing really prepares you for the lack of storage space, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Regardless of whether you’re moving to a smaller home, townhouse or condo, storage space can be at a premium. Gliding Shelf Solutions has become a leader in making the most out of limited storage space in an effort to help make transitional moves easy and trouble-free.

Here’s what their customers are saying:

Q Why did you call Gliding Shelf Solutions?

A: We saw an advertisement and immediately recognized how retrofitting gliding shelves into our existing cupboards could help us. After downsizing our home, we knew we didn’t have nearly enough storage space. The ad featured full extension pull out shelves that maximized the space in the cupboard, and gave us the accessibility we needed.

Q How easy was the process from start to finish?

A: We were pleasantly surprised at how easy, fast and professional this process was. We set up a free no-obligation consultation. The consultant was very knowledgeable; she listened to our needs and was able to see space where we couldn’t. We were provided with a plan for our kitchen and bathroom, which included precise measurements for custom gliding shelves. There was no pressure on us to make a commitment. The installer was professional, worked fast and kept the workspace clean. It was a painless process, and we had our kitchen and bathroom back in a few hours.

Q What would you say about the pricing of the gliding shelves?

A: Gliding Shelf Solutions can fit within any budget. The quote is broken out per cabinet and includes all materials and installation so there are no hidden surprises. If you can’t do the whole kitchen at once, you can do a couple of cabinets first and more at a later time. There are no additional charges for shipping or surcharges for smaller orders. The width, depth, and height of the glides are custom-made and crafted in Ontario. We found it was well worth the price.

Q What is the most valuable thing about the gliding shelves?

A: There are so many advantages. Firstly, we didn’t need to renovate our entire kitchen in order to have the convenience of pullout shelving. It’s so much easier to reach things, and to know what you have at a glance. We often wonder why we didn’t do it sooner. Gliding shelves gives you extra time, and cooking is a breeze. We no longer have to get down on our knees and take out half the contents of the cabinet just to reach the one item in the back. It is by far the best transformative renovation we’ve done in our home.

Q Why choose Gliding Shelf Solutions?

A: Gliding Shelf Solutions is Canadian owned and operated, and the shelves are manufactured here in Ontario. We are great supporters of Made in Canada products. It was an investment in our home and for our future mobility, and it had to be done right. The products are under warranty, so if there is ever a problem, we have peace of mind that it will be resolved quickly and efficiently.