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New ~ Web Programmable Light Switch

New ~ Web Programmable Light Switch

Save energy, simulate a presence, create moods and much more.

Remotely manage your lighting needs has never been easier.


  • Scenes mode: enables interaction between Web programmable light switches to active or deactivate several light switches in a single click. Perfect for rooms with several switches and to quickly turn on or off all lights in one room or the entire house.
  • Away Mode: simulates a presence by activating light switches randomly in the evening. Useful during prolonged periods of absence to keep uninvited guests at bay.
  • Timer mode: automatically turns off the lights after a set period of time. Ideal for bathrooms, garage and kids’ bedrooms.
  • Remote Programming: the Web programmable light switches can be remotely activated and deactivated. A programming can be set for 7 days, up to 6 periods per day.
  • LED colour and Intensity: the colour and intensity of the light switch LED can be set as desired. Ideal for bedrooms, whether to obtain a discreet light or a night light. Colours available: Blue, Amber, Pearl, Lime, Fuchsia.
  • Consumption graphics: the neviweb®
    platform generates consumption graphics to analyze the use of light switches and view the energy consumption cost related to each of the light switches.

Availability: Sinopé Technologies’ e-store and select retailers

Suggested Retail Price: $59.95
*Requires a permanent Internet connection and a GT125 Web Interface.

About Sinopé Technologies: Sinopé Technologies is a Canadian business specialized in control systems. Reknown for its Web programmable line voltage thermostats, Sinopé Technologies creates high quality products inspired by consumers’ needs. Sinopé products are distributed across home improvement centers and at Best Buy in Canada.