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Pfister Shower Panels & Slidebars make for an easy and stylish DIY

Pfister Shower Panels & Slidebars make for an easy and stylish DIY

Pfister is introducing a new way for homeowners to give their showers a facelift with new shower panels and slidebars. Now available in home improvement stores across Canada, the products that practically anyone can install can give a bathroom a whole new look with added functionality.

Drill-less Pfister Slidebars can convert a shower with one showerhead into a dual functioning shower with a multi-function showerhead and a handheld showerhead. Both can be used at once or separately on their own with the built-in three-way diverter.

Slidebar finishes come in Brushed Nickel or Polished Chrome. Pfister Shower Panels give even more customization to the shower space. These larger, thermostatic units install on the shower wall and provide up to five shower functions to turn your morning shower into a spa-like experience. Shower Panels come in three formats to fit any bathroom décor and have three attractive finishes, including White & Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel & Polished Chrome and Black & Polished Chrome.

The Pfister units also contain the built-in safety feature Scald Free™ to prevent hot water scalds. “The great thing about the Slidebars and Shower Panels is that if you are even somewhat handy you can perform this easy installation yourself and transform your shower in a day,” said Adam Findlay, Senior Marketing Manager at Pfister. “Beginner DIYers will have no problem tackling the Slidebars as it’s really just an easy swap, while more advanced DIYers can take on the Shower Panels.

Even if you aren’t a master DIYer, both the Slidebars and Shower Panels are designed to be installed by the homeowner with only a few tools. ”According to Findlay, a quick weekend bathroom reno is as easy as getting a Slidebar or Shower Panel, a new shower curtain and towels, a new faucet and maybe a splash of paint, if you have some additional help.

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