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Walk-In Bathtubs – May/Jun2016

Walk-In Bathtubs - May/Jun2016

Walk in, sit down and say, “Ahhhh”

One of the first complaints of aging is often related to increased difficulty stepping into a bathtub. Joints aren’t as flexible as they once were, and there is a fear of falling when getting in and out.

Soaking in a tub of hot water, perhaps with bubbles and essential oils, has to be one of the most luxurious and relaxing gifts that we can give to ourselves. Sadly, it’s one of the first things that we have to give up when an existing bathtub is no longer accessible.

The principals of The Water Closet showrooms are sticklers for carrying only the best products at their three locations in Etobicoke, Orillia and Kitchener. One of the most trusted companies of quality, manufactured goods for the bathroom is American Standard. American Standard has been a household name for more than 130 years, and it’s due to this reputation that The Water Closet showrooms have teamed up with them to offer the ultimate in home comfort – the walk-in bath.

Living at home promotes independence and dignity. With the new walk-in tub from American Standard, ease of access and comfort are of high priority. Exclusive innovations include premium construction with a patented door system, a built-in safety bar, and a chair-height seat. With the patented quick-drain system, a full tub of water completely drains in less than 90 seconds.

For thousands of years, hydrotherapy has proven to help alleviate such ailments as arthritis, muscle stiffness, back and joint pain, as well as circulatory and stress-related disorders. Take pleasure in the therapeutic benefits of a deep warm bath with the walk-in bathtub from American Standard, and consider additional hydrotherapy options like an invigorating water massage with a heated whirlpool system, or an air spa that releases thousands of air bubbles and provides a gentle, soothing massage. Or choose a combination of both systems for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. The walk-in bath has also received the Ease-of-Use® Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation.

It’s inevitable that you’ll want to make changes to your home to accommodate different needs and requirements. Statistics show that more than 30 per cent of homeowners over the age of 50 are making home improvements so that they can remain at home, and avoid the high costs of retirement home living. Installing a built-in bathtub is easy and efficient. They are sized to fit into existing spaces where an outdated tub is no longer practical.

The Water Closet’s expert consultants will walk you through the process and discuss personalized recommendations, and set up an In- Home Consultation that includes a visit with their mobile showroom. They will take accurate measurements and give a full explanation of the features so you can make the best choices to suit your needs. They will also set up affordable payment plans, as low as $150 per month, and installation to help get the job done right.

For a limited time, The Water Closet and American Standard are offering purchasers of a walk-in tub a free Cadet® toilet. Restrictions may apply; see store for details. / 1.844.774.6979