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Yamaha: AG06 Mixing Console – Sep/Oct2016

Yamaha: AG06 Mixing Console - Sep/Oct2016

Record music anywhere you happen to be

The AG06 Mixing console is an easy-touse audio interface that allows you to record anytime, anyplace. With a variety of professional inputs, it’s sturdy, compact and lightweight, allowing you to create music in any environment.

Mobile music

You never know where your music will take you. By simply connecting a compatible iPad and a USB mobile battery, the AG becomes a mobile audio interface for musicians and sound designers on the go. This modest configuration can transform your iPad into a mobile studio or a virtual instrument performance platform, providing you the opportunity to produce high-quality music anywhere, anytime.

USB BUS-powered or mobile battery

AG can operate using USB BUS power, thus eliminating the need for an external adaptor. AG can also be driven by a mobile battery and used with an iPad, providing users with a true mobile mixing and audio interface solution.

Class compliant mode for iPad connection

AG is compatible with Apple’s second-generation iPad, or later. Create high quality recording, and playback, using an iOS compatible music app such as Cubasis.*

Cubasis LE multitouch for iPad

Cubasis LE is available in the App Store. In order to work, just connect your iPad to an AG06. Cubasis LE is the compact version of Steinberg’s streamlined, multitouch sequencer for the iPad, providing the same look and feel of its bigger brother – Cubasis.*

*Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit/Lighting to USB Camera Adapter and USB